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Grupo Roble is a subsidiary of Grupo Poma, one of the largest commercial and industrial groups in the region, with operations in Central America, Panama, the Caribbean, South America and the United States.

Grupo Roble participates in the real estate industry through its development of mixed-use complexes such as: shopping centers under the Multiplaza and Metrocentro brands, office spaces, hotels, entertainment areas and housing projects.

In 1962 Grupo Roble began operations in El Salvador, establishing its headquarters in San Salvador, the country’s capital. Since that date, Grupo Roble has helped transform the region´s urban landscape through its contribution in modernizing the region´s architectural expressions and style.

Roble has since become the largest real estate group in Central America, with more than 1,000,000 leasable square meters in 19 shopping centers, over 100,000 leasable square meters in corporate centers and more than 60,000 homes sold in El Salvador and Panama.

Grupo Roble approaches its project development using a long-term vision, implementing the latest technological and technical resources. Roble holds long standing relationships with the worlds most recognized and advanced firms in areas such as engineering, architecture and urban commercial development, helping each undertaken project constantly improve in quality, efficiencies and design.

Grupo Roble strongly believes in sustainable development, which is why it actively promotes and conveys social welfare, new jobs, health, strengthening of the educational system and environmental sustainability.

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