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Costa Rica

Plaza Roble

Plaza Roble is located in Escazú, San José, Costa Rica, a corporate center known for its high standards and regional prestige. Plaza Roble is part of a unique, multipurpose complex, which includes the Real Intercontinental Hotel and Multiplaza shopping center. The corporate center is made up by six buildings with a total available office area of 34,000 m2.

Unique in its design, Plaza Roble was designed by the renowned architectural firm Legoretta + Legorreta. Efficient and functional spaces are enhanced by ample plazas, water mirrors, natural stone finishes and a collection of lively colors. All plaza buildings incorporate cutting-edge telecommunications, security and maintenance technologies.

Plaza Roble is home to highly recognized companies such as Microsoft, Cemex, Bac San Jose, Credomatic, Regus, Dole, LL Bean, Bolsa de Valores de Costa Rica and Cysco Systems among others.

Escazú Corporate Center

Escazú Corporate Center is an eleven-story corporate office center divided into six office space floors and five parking space floors. This center houses a range of top-level companies including Regus, Akamai Technologies, Zoetis, Comex, Norfund and Hamburg Sud. The building is part of a multipurpose complex alongside the Real Intercontinental Hotel, Plaza Roble and the largest and most modern shopping center in Costa Rica, Multiplaza Escazú.


Bogotá Corporate Center

This ambitious project in Bogotá, Colombia aims to be one of the key and emblematic corporate centers in this South American country.

The center is located on south Avenida El Dorado in Ciudad Salitre, one of the highest-value and high growth potential areas in Santa Fe de Bogotá, situated close to new office buildings and hotels in the city. Bogotá Corporate Center´s design took into account and included all the amenities and technological advances today’s modern world has to offer paired to an excellent location, ample parking and excellent security, thus providing a world-class option for local and international companies.

Bogotá Corporate Center is located next to the JW Marriott Hotel, offering business travelers five-star comforts and service a few steps away.

Republica Dominicana

Roble Corporate Center

Roble Corporate Center is a new and elegant Corporate Office Center, meeting and exceeding all office design requirements with the best “Value for Money” for local and multinational companies to have. Roble Corporate Center is located in Piantini, the heart of Santo Domingo´s downtown. Piantini has developed into a high value metropolitan area where the most exclusive condominiums, commercial businesses, clubs, hospitals and recognized educational institutions can be found.

Roble Corporate Center is built on 2,000m² of land, when built the project will have a total area of 30,975m², which contemplates thirteen office floors and six basement floors for parking. Roble Corporate Center will be interconnected with the Intercontinental Hotel, thus producing a synergistic effect between both projects, providing tenants, visitors and hotel guests with an added value.

Roble Corporate Center offers all the essentials needed for the modern requirements and standards by incorporating factors such as a strategic and prime location, excellent access, modern security and prevention systems, state of the art telecommunications technology, 100% underground parking, efficient and elegant common areas and a well-designed architectural footprint that surpasses present day corporate standards.